Bollhoff Inc.
Rivnuts, Rivstuds & other Engineered Fasteners
P. 260-347-3903 F. 260-347-9429


S&S Enterprises
Secondary Machining for Fasteners
P. 319-988-9118 F. 435-514-3487


Eurolink Fastener Supply Service
Hard to find Metric Fasteners
P. 866-787-7594 F. 864-801-3606


Zip Fastener Products
Cold Headed Fasteners & Specials
P. 815.316.3232 F. 815.316.3239

Copper State Bolt & Nut Co
MFG. Division\ Hot Heading
P. 800-528-4255 F. 602-272-3316


Stateline Swiss Manufacturing
Precision Swiss CNC Machining
P. 815-282-5181


MW Industries, Inc.
Domestic Manufacturer of Washers, Shims & Specialty Stampings
P. 281-233-0448 F. 281-233-0449